Mission Statement

My interest and aptitude is in delicate blend of art and technology. Being independently competent in design and engineering, I thrive on being a creative problem solver with a visual aesthetic. When necessary, I have ended up wearing different hats which has given me a broad skill set. Having ten plus years in both industries has given me depth, foresight and understanding. I work exceptionally fast, and thrive under pressure while being a congenial team player. I enjoy learning new technologies and perspectives.

Personally, I love to cook, travel and attend cultural events. I maintain a strong interest in the environment and the implementation of renewable resources. The sports that I enjoy are snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking. A few of my favorite artists are Klimt, Chagal and Escher.

Below are a few links to sites that I have worked on. I hope that your requirements and my skill-set are suited for each other. I am sure that I would be an asset to your team.

web design portfolio while at Cloudsource

Currently working on:

Sun Light and Power web site

karl[at]omelay[dot]com hand edit email address
2100 Eagle Ave. Apt A, Alameda, CA 94501

Proficient in:

Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, Homesite, HTML, XML, XSL, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, MS Office, Acrobat, Fontographer, Fireworks, DeBabbelizer, Streamline, Dimensions, Large site management with version control and cross browser / cross platform compatabilites.

Experience in:

Flash, ASP, Indesign, JSP, VB Script, ORACLE web site integration, CGI implementation, Strata Studio Pro, FileMaker Pro, MSProject, QuickTime VR Authoring Studio.

CloudSource, Design Engineer, Information Architect, Designer and Programmer
1999 - 2001 Oakland, California

Designed systems for the automation of web site production.


I helped design an XML integrated system for implementation of PhotoShop designs as "templates" while harnessing Adobe ImageReady as the production interface. Information architecture of modules and components to include in web sites as features was one of my first duties. I also enhanced the navigation automation system by using an ImageReady document as a template to generate the entire site navigation suite from XML. This reduced the time necessary to create navigation by 80 to 90 percent. Working with programming engineers I helped create "the glue" between industry standard applications and CloudSource proprietary applications. The result was an easily trainable web site creation system based on style guides, PhotoShop designs and XML.

LookSmart, Designer, Information Architect and HTML Programmer
1998-1999 San Francisco, CA

Performed design and Information architecture for several of Looksmarts projects.


I was a contract employee as projects arose, including designing the logo for Inside The Web and spearheading the Smartlets™ project.

East Bay Web site Company, Art Director, Designer and HTML Programmer
1998-1999 Oakland, California

Designed and programmed web sites and templates.


I designed several one-off web sites while creating web site templates for easy component replication and complex system integration. I coded the sites using cgis, asp, cookies, javascript, CSS and html.

S.F. Bizarro (St Martins Press), Art Director, Designer and Photographer
1998-1999 San Francisco, California

Art direction, photography & design of a San Francisco focused travel book of the strange and bizarre.


I project-managed and conceptualized the book design through designing page templates, section headers, style sheets and defining parameters for the commissioned photographers. I designed the entire book of 16 full-color pages and 160 duo tone pages.

Axcess Magazine (Madhouse Publishing), Art Director, Designer
1997-1998 Berkeley, California

Designed the magazine logo and image, branded magazine and all publicity material. Unified artists & designers to produce a full-color glossy lifestyle magazine.


Magazine: Commissioned artists, photographers & illustrators while personally being responsible for the physical design of Axcess including logo design, header design and page templates, media kits, all promotional items and in-house advertisements. I personally designed 50% - 70% of each issue of Axcess.
Web site: Branded & designed axcess.com, trained interns to convert quark documents into html.

Entertainment Online (E-On Inc.). Creative Director, International Web site Editor and Manager
1996-1997 England, Germany and San Francisco, California

Redesigned corporate image, developed a corporate brand, implemented world-wide branding for the following international sites: U.K., Germany, France, Italy and U.S.A.


Kingston, U.K.: I was in charge of overall web site design, creating corporate brand to be used worldwide. I hired and trained a staff of 6 html programmers & two designers to follow corporate branding and style sheets to produce the U.K. site. I selected, hired and managed contractors to translate the U.K. web site into French & Italian. I continually produced graphics, banner ads and specified site design and direction, while personally developing specific areas like a beta zone for game development and customer feedback.
Cologne, Germany: During my eight months in Germany, I hired and trained a staff of 4 html programmers and contracted a design firm to develop a Germany specific Brand while remaining within the global branding. I also managed art direction of the U.K. site from Germany. Before leaving Europe I hired my replacement for both the U.K. and Germany.
San Francisco, CA: After a promotion to corporate management my responsibilities were to hire and train a staff of: a U.S. Web site Editor, html programmers, artists, programmers and a UNIX/NT systems administrator. Managed contractors to integrate credit card transactions and client side game manager with Oracle database to dynamically interact with the web site. Managed the U.K. staff to develop the U.K./U.S. global broad band site. Manage the German staff to develop live audio & video feeds from local promotions involving VIVA network and AOL Germany. Reported directly to the Board regarding projections and progress for U.S., U.K. and German teams.

Mondo 2000 Magazine (Fun City MegaMedia), Designer and Consultant
1996 Berkeley, California


I designed layouts, spreads, advertisements, business cards and media materials, design promotional items and in-house advertisements. I was the publisher's consultant and promotion evangelist representing Mondo at many industry conventions and conferences.

Axcess Magazine, Founder, Copublisher and Designer
1993-1996 San Diego, California

Publisher, Art Director, Designer, Trainer, Internet Designer, Promotion Evangelist. Axcess was a glossy full color magazine that won Library Journal's best new magazine of the year 1993. Advertising Age stated: ... the perfect tool for reaching the Generation X market.


As Publisher my duties included everything from selling ads to negotiating printer quotes, from launching the web site to designing 40% - 70% of the magazine each issue.
Specifically, I designed the Axcess logo, style sheets, layouts, colophon font, spreads, advertisements, business cards, media materials, trained designers, interns, other associates, commissioned artist, illustrators and photographers. I developed and defined standards for the entire prepress & print production including scanning, digital color correction, photo retouching, preparing all files for output to film, color proofing and press checks.
As Webmaster I converted Quarkxpress print ready content into HTML. All web content was hand coded and sent via telnet. This began in 1994 the era of MOSAIC the predecessor to Netscape and Internet Explorer. Axcess Online was one of three lifestlye magazines online. The others were Wired and Vibe.

Sln Magazine, Art Director and Designer
1992- 1993 San Diego, California

Sln started in San Diego as a local news print magazine which developed into a nationally distributed (30 k), full-color glossy magazine.


Designed the SLN logo, brand, style sheets, layouts, spreads, advertisements, business cards and media materials. I commissioned artists, photographers and trained interns. Almost every page of Sln magazine was designed by me on a monthly basis for 15 issues.

UCSB Computer Science and Engineering 1984 - 1989

Speaking Engagements

VISCOMM: The Multimedia & Design Conference, San Francisco, June 1995, spinning your web presence.
UCSD: Guest Speaker, Publishing on the Internet, San Diego, May 1995

K.O. Designs, Designer, Business Manager

Logos, Cd covers, Books, Pamphlets, Promotional fliers, Brochures, Magazines, T-shirts, Snowboards, Advertisements, Web sites, G.U.I.s, Animated graphics, Icons and Banner ads.
Partial Client List:
Sega, Nintendo, Axiom Records, Moonshine Records, Brew Records, Life Snowboards, Remax Realtors, Tred Air Shoes, St Martin's Press, Last Gasp Publishing, ZCom Agency, Mondo 2000, St. Martins Press, LookSmart, Sun Light & Power and CloudSource.

Played with and interested in:

MMDirector, ShockWave, Bryce, Raydream Designer, MSProject, Electric Image, 3D Studio MAX, LiveMotion, Premiere, After Effects, C++, SVG